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Work does not need be isolated from passion. Coupling vocation with a meaningful cause brings out the best in people. It enhances motivation, dedication, commitment, and a sense of achievement. Excellent reason to work for a nonprofit.


When coming across the term nonprofit, a mistake many people make is to assume the entity to be a small, simplified establishment such as a charity or food bank. Not all concerns exist to generate revenue. Not all are simplified or small. Some nonprofits and non-profit recruiters operate on such a large scale that they cross country and continental borders.


Understanding Nonprofit jobs


Nonprofit jobs are on the rise. When given the choice more people are opting to work for nonprofits. Nonprofits account for over 12 million jobs in the US. Modern nonprofits are fluid, well organized institutions operating in an extremely professional manner to serve their cause. The only difference is their overall aim is to serve the community rather than earn profit. They still maintain a proper organizational structure and require the same employees as a for-profit concern. Essentially counterpart nonprofit jobs exist for all careers.


Interesting nonprofit jobs

When selecting a nonprofit job, it is better to align the organization’s cause with one’s passion and interests. Most (over 50%) nonprofit jobs are in healthcare. Education and social services account for 14% and 12% respectively. For anyone wanting to make a difference all it takes is for them to step forward. Following are some interesting non-profit jobs that are engaging as well as satisfying.



Our world is changing. Not all for the better. Becoming a conservationist is a surefire way of contributing towards the welfare of humanity. Organizations exist for environmental, wildlife, marine as well as for human conservation. They do not just need advocates or volunteers. They need field workers, photographers, specialists, fundraising managers, volunteer coordinators, community organizers and operational staff. Some of these organizations offer competitive pay as well as exceptional benefits.


Zoos & Aquariums

In an increasingly aware world, zoos are no longer prisons for animals. They are advocates for conservation of wildlife and their habitat. Increasingly zoos and aquariums are run on nonprofit basis with proceeds contributed towards conservationism. Working for a zoo can be fun, engaging and rewarding.


Religious Institutions

Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, temples all require staff. For those who cherish spiritual wellbeing, working for a religious institution is a great way to serve their faith, their spirituality as well as their community.


Community Setups

Charity begins at home. Your local community offers plenty of opportunities at the local charities, animal shelters, foodbanks, soup kitchens, social advocacy set ups, coaching and mentoring programs. Working for local nonprofits helps establishing you as a responsible community member.



Most museums operate to enhance public awareness regarding their heritage. Most are nonprofits. Whether you have an interest in art, history, science, or culture, working for a museum is a great way to relate your hobbies, interests, and passion with your work.



Nonprofit healthcare jobs do not exist for only doctors and nurses. For instance, Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics has local establishments in all countries they operate in. They require managers, coordinators, IT departments etc. and all these individuals come together to make a difference.


Nonprofit jobs sometimes do pay less. They may or may not have a career ladder. But they usually come with great benefits. More importantly, the work is rewarding and contributes towards self-actualization.