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If your business plans to sell a product or service with limited shelf life, an aged domain may be the perfect way to launch your business. These domains have been registered but not used for some time (from several years up to over 20). The good news is that they can be yours for a very affordable price. Read on to learn more.


Why Would You Buy an Aged Domain?

These domains have been around for several years, so they already have proven track records and established links and are great for SEO. Many of them have been around long enough to be “credible” and “authoritative” in their given industries, which means search engines view them positively.

The best way to get a feel for why buying an aged domain is such a great investment is to look back at how long a brand new website takes to rank in the search engines. New websites can take three months to a year or even longer to rank in search engines like Google. Both startups and existing companies have been using aged domains for years because they are a great investment. With an aged domain, you’ll have a head start on your competition and can get your business up and running quickly.


How to Find the Right Aged Domain for Your Business

If you’re wondering how to find the right aged domain for your business, the first step is to brainstorm critical terms that you think your customers might search for. Once you’ve brainstormed some terms, you’ll want to check to see if any of them are available. You can do so by plugging your keywords into a keyword research tool like Ahrefs.

Once you’ve found a few aged domains that you like, you’ll want to do a quick Google Reverse Image search to ensure there aren’t copyright violations. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll want to do a domain name appraisal to see whether or not the domain is even worth buying


3 Tips When Buying an Aged Domain

  1. Make sure you are buying the aged domain don’t just assume you are. You don’t want to get into a situation where the name is unavailable. If you’re unsure, run a WHOIS search to check the domain name and make sure it’s available. Or get them from a domain vendor like The Domain Works.
  2. Make sure the domain is worth buying. You can do this by using a domain appraisal from like GoDaddy.
  3.  Don’t let the fact that the domain is an aged domain lull you into a false sense of security.