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So here in this quick article I’m going to brief over a few quick and easy ways to raise a bit of money through donations for a Non-Profit organization. Be it one you run or one you are passionate about/work for, these tips should help you successfully raise some funds for said organization. These are just a few basic tips and they aren’t the only ways to go about doing this, so feel free to get creative or branch off with these ideas and create your own.


First of all, you need to decide on what you’re raising money for and make it clear to the people you’re asking donations from how it will benefit those in need. You can’t just roll up on random people and not have a clear story or message and then ask for money.


Second, utilize your social network. Use the internet, people you know in real life, friends, family, community organizations. If they’re someone you trust and talk to often then they’ll most likely have no problem helping you and others out.


Third, make sure you’re going after the right audience. If the people you’re asking donations from don’t care about the message you’re putting out, then you’ll never collect anything. Make sure your target demographic cares about the issue at hand and has the means to help.


Fourth, stay positive! Although it can get disheartening at times, you’re doing this for a good cause. You aren’t benefiting off of this and you’re only doing it to help others in need. It can be easy to give up on something that doesn’t seem to be making a difference but always keep in mind that if one person is effected by your actions, then it wasn’t in vain.


Fifth, show the people who helped with your cause what kind of results they helped produce. If someones life has changed thanks to their actions, show them so they might continue to help out in future fundraising opportunities. Maybe it’ll not only change your own perspective on the positivity of humanity but it might help them stay optomistic and become active in changing others lives on a regular basis.


And last, always give thanks. Being grateful is the biggest part of all of this. Showing that you’re thankful for said donations will help drive others to help with any future fundraising activities you might have. Being grateful and thankful is the key to humility and something we all should practice each and every day. Just make sure you have a great fundraising software to keep track of everything.


So now that you have the right mindset, don’t hold back. Go out and help the world. Raise funds for whatever non-profit you support in the hopes that you can change one life today. Thanks for reading and have a great day!