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Applying for a tax ID in Minnesota offline is something few people do nowadays. Not if they have access to Internet, and the ability to do so easily.

The problem comes in, however, when people access the website of the relevant authority and realize it is a little more complicated to apply for tax ID in Minnesota than they expected.

That is why there are several companies now set up to help.

Companies offering help with tax IDs in Minnesota — There are several companies online that will help you apply for and get a MN tax id. They only require a small amount of personal information, their application form takes minutes to complete and they can have your new tax ID for you in just a few days.

You will find these companies by doing a quick online search with the keywords ‘tax ID in Minnesota’. Check out a few of the sites that appear in the results, and compare their prices. For help with a tax ID in Minnesota, you should be paying less than fifty dollars. Anything more, and that is a company to avoid.

Information you will need to provide — First, you will need to decide the type of company you are opening or whether it is a personal tax ID. Types of companies include a corporation, a non-profit organization, a sole proprietorship and a partnership.

Then you will need to give the company your name, social security number, business address and business information. You will also need to answer a handful of yes or no questions that will assess the type of business you will be running, or if the tax ID you need is for personal reasons. If you are applying for a business, you will also have to submit the date when your business was begun.

Submit the application, once this information is complete. You should receive you tax ID via email in just a few days.