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Companies, irrespective of their size, formation type and turnover, are bounded legally to pay corporate tax from their earned profits. This is done to have a balanced environment and so that the company should also know their responsibilities towards government and communities from which they are earning their profits. Like many other important aspects covered by Radford Revenue Accounting Management, providing the best company taxation practices in accordance with the tax authorities is what we consider our core competency. Our team of expert tax advisors can provide the assurance of delivering the most authoritative advice and will also guide you properly on all matters that are related to company tax. Our team is not only well versed in tackling the company tax matters but is also updated with the latest happenings from tax authorities in this matter. This helps them to take the utmost decision in the best interest of the company so that they could make the most out of it.

Our advisory services for corporations has always kept a keen eye on every single stage of company’s life cycle so that no opportunity or no such aspect should be left that could either provide a benefit or do harm to the company. Whether it’s a start-up, disposal or acquisition of any venture or asset, moving towards growth or investments and / or raising funds, every aspect is looked upon carefully and decisions are taken accordingly to benefit the organization. In doing so, we also take extra caution to maintain legal standards.