Radford RAMS accountancy was established in 2003 and since then, it has provided many small and large ventures with best accounting consultancy.

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Welcome! Radford Revenue Accounting Management has established with the sole purpose of providing effective and efficient assistance when it comes to handling any sort of company’s accounting matters. Radford Revenue Accounting Management was established in 2003 and since then, it has provided many small and large ventures with best accounting consultancy.

What are High Yield Real Estate Investments?

What are High Yield Real Estate Investments?

People who are new to the real estate investment market must know some key factors about this type of investment. One of the most important aspects of investing is knowing how much a particular venture will yield. When it comes to the property market, people often ask what is high yield real estate investment. The following information will explain this concept in detail.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs is a primary method that people use to invest in property. Companies that manage REITs either owns or finances outside real estate property development. They typically focus their efforts on backing properties that they know are going to produce a profit.

Places such as shopping centers, grocery stores and even discount product retail centers are commonly funded by these organizations. Once these retail outlets are up and running they will usually give a return on their investment back to investors.

REITs are high yielding investment opportunities because the money producing organizations that they fund have already been proven successful. So, these newer establishments use the same models for success as well.

As a result, they will start to generate a profit for investors shortly after they are up and running. REITs are just a solid investment for any person wanting to invest within this type of property.

Residential Housing

Residential housing provides another great opportunity for investors. While this type of investment is high yielding it can also be risky. Residential home investors can risk their money in a wide variety of areas within this type of market. The residential market is very unstable because people’s living patterns and financial situations are always changing.

Single family dwellings, apartment buildings and condos are just some of the many different opportunities for investors to risk their money. The reason why this type of investment provides such a great return has to do with the demand for housing.

People are always going to need a place to live. Even if the market is bad. An investor should figure out where the most people are locating to when they invest and then try to push their investment funds into that direction.

While this is not always an easy thing to do and the competition for these investment areas is ferocious; investors can still earn high yields if they are positioned within the right market. Residential investing can be tricky and deceptive but a person can make receive great returns just by knowing how to navigate this market.

Real Estate ETFs

Electronically Traded Funds or ETFs are commonly used by companies to trade shares or funds within their company. Real estate ETFs are used for the same purpose. Companies will offer shares to the public in return for their investment dollars. They will then use this money to create profitable properties which they will use to pay back investors.

Real estate ETFs are reliable because most companies that trade real estate ETFs make it a point to create profitable commercial and business properties. This way they can definitely payback their investors.

Keep in mind that these are some of the real estate investment opportunities that provide the highest yield. There are many more and a good investor will take the time to figure out what type works best for them and their situation.

Accountancy Services

Accountancy Services

Radford Revenue Accounting Management covers a wide range of business and accountancy services in order to provide a complete support solution to its clients. Our commitments along with professional approach by our advisors ensure that we have the client’s requisite covered fully.

Company Formation

Formation of a company involves a great list of aspects to be covered so as to function with ethical and legal practices. We can assist with the incorporation of a new partnership or new limited companies with limited liability. Company formation includes proper submission with necessary documents along with bank account applications, a registered office address, proper annual return forms, registration of VAT, formulating cash flows along with business plans.

Taxation Advice

Our specialist will assist you in structuring your organization with best taxation advice so as to make the most of the available tax allowances so that your business could flourish at a faster pace while keeping a minimum of your tax liabilities.

Tax Returns

Tax Returns filing is one of the most important and crucial phases for any organization. But our specialists can handle it with ease. They are well versed in completing tax return forms and filing them to the tax authority. This tax return includes income and personal tax returns, as well as corporation and partnership tax returns.


No part of the financial legislation is complete without filing VAT and there is no doubt in this that this is the most complex part of them all. Our team of experts will help you in breaking things down and making you understand it in the best possible way so that filing of VAT could be done with mutual consent. As our experts are well versed with the VAT system and its legislations, they can assist you the best in planning ideas for VAT and claiming exemptions in order to improve cash flows.

Accounts Preparation

We can also assist in preparing your annual accounts to be it for a limited company, sole trader or is the business is of partnership in nature or even for limited liability partnership. We can also assist in the preparation of management accounts so that you are able to view how your business has performed during or after the financial year.

Payroll Preparation

Providing your employees with monthly remuneration on time can get tricky for companies at times. And for that, companies have to hire proper staff so that things could go smoothly. We can take up all the hustle and can prepare payroll on a weekly or monthly basis. When it comes to payroll preparation, our services include, proper generation of payslips, accurate calculation of remuneration for which the employee is entitled to that week or month and proper calculation of leaves for anyone who avails them.

Corporate and Personal Finance

Corporate and Personal Finance

Maintaining accounts and doing proper bookkeeping is not all for any company. One of the major things to look into is the corporate financial structure of that company. Any organization, either small or large, cannot be established effective until its corporate finance aspect is defined well. This does not only help in the formation of that company but also the future aspect of that company, like increasing its shareholders’ value or increasing the company’s value itself, depends on the corporate finance structure that has been defined now.

This is where Radford Revenue Accounting Management provide the best possible structure so that the organization could have a well-defined base to start its operations now and to have an increasing trend in its value in the future as well. We can assist you in planning, both short-term and long-term needs of your business, doing an extensive evaluation of your assets, tackling financial promotions, taking the best decision when it comes to capital market, sketching out well-defined business or financial plans and giving you the right growth strategy in relation to your industry trends.

We believe that the key to a successful operation and relation lies in extended support. Which is why our services do not end just here, experts in our team are also experienced enough to guide you in your personal financing matters as well. Be it budgeting, mortgage planning or having a well-thought retirement plan, we can cover all that and can provide you with the best advice with

Company Taxation

Company Taxation

Companies, irrespective of their size, formation type and turnover, are bounded legally to pay corporate tax from their earned profits. This is done to have a balanced environment and so that the company should also know their responsibilities towards government and communities from which they are earning their profits. Like many other important aspects covered by Radford Revenue Accounting Management, providing the best company taxation practices in accordance with the tax authorities is what we consider our core competency. Our team of expert tax advisors can provide the assurance of delivering the most authoritative advice and will also guide you properly on all matters that are related to company tax. Our team is not only well versed in tackling the company tax matters but is also updated with the latest happenings from tax authorities in this matter. This helps them to take the utmost decision in the best interest of the company so that they could make the most out of it.

Our advisory services for corporations has always kept a keen eye on every single stage of company’s life cycle so that no opportunity or no such aspect should be left that could either provide a benefit or do harm to the company. Whether it’s a start-up, disposal or acquisition of any venture or asset, moving towards growth or investments and / or raising funds, every aspect is looked upon carefully and decisions are taken accordingly to benefit the organization. In doing so, we also take extra caution to maintain legal standards.