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Radford RAMS accountancy was established in 2003 and since then, it has provided many small and large ventures with best accounting consultancy.

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Welcome! Radford Revenue Accounting Management has established with the sole purpose of providing effective and efficient assistance when it comes to handling any sort of company’s accounting matters. Radford Revenue Accounting Management was established in 2003 and since then, it has provided many small and large ventures with best accounting consultancy.

Are business cards an old-fashioned practice or still a good idea for businesses?

Are business cards an old-fashioned practice or still a good idea for businesses?

As most business people know, networking is key to success. For many years the exchange of business cards was how people shared their information with people they would like to connect with. An excellent, memorable business card was key to making contacts. But times have changed. With the widespread usage of social media, and the fact almost everybody carries a smartphone now, exchanging information using your telephone is an easy possibility. So, are business cards still relevant today? The answer is: it depends on the situation.

Business Card Alternatives

When you have a networking opportunity, there are alternatives to the traditional business card. Everyone should have a LinkedIn account, as well as a Facebook and/or Twitter account that is dedicated to professional contacts. Sending an e-mail to a new networking opportunity immediately is very effective too. It means you automatically have their contact information, and they also have a reminder of their encounter with you when they check their e-mail at the office.

Technology also allows for you to make a short video that outlines your company and what differentiates it from others. The video should include buttons that the recipient can use to download your information. These videos can be beamed over through iPhones, or they can be put into portable memory sticks, some of which can even look like an old-fashioned business card.

When to Use a Business Card

While there are some awesome technological advances when it comes to sharing your contact information while networking, old-fashioned business cards are still sometimes necessary, so don’t throw yours out yet! If you are dealing with someone who is a little more traditional and do not use a lot of social media, then a business card is the way to go.

Make sure your business card includes information about your website, LinkedIn profile, and e-mail address. Business cards are also good to use in conjunction with exchanging information electronically. Make sure that if you exchange a business card with someone, you actually go and connect with them on LinkedIn, or you send a follow-up e-mail in order to maintain contact. Business cards often get thrown in a corner and forgotten, or even thrown away. So, make sure to take these extra steps so as not to become a forgotten meet up!

Business cards are also a must have at a gathering that is specifically for networking. They are expected, and they exude a high level of professionality. Also, if you can manage to make a creative business card, you can stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, if you are giving an elevator speech, have a business card ready.

So, keep a hold on those traditional business cards, and use them in addition to all the new technology available. If you use these different ways of networking well, you can ensure you are remembered.

Growing a Business: Why Companies Fail to Evolve After Achieving Initial Success

Growing a Business: Why Companies Fail to Evolve After Achieving Initial Success

Throughout their journey of success, CEOs and founders start to come to a daunting realization: They’re no longer expanding. What causes this stagnation in growth and causes them from reaching the next level in their journey? The principles and frameworks used in the beginning are no longer working, employees have become comfortable and clients are bored. What strategies can be incorporated the push past the hump of mediocrity and plateau?

Reignite That Startup Culture

Contrary to corporate belief, once a company gains its initial footing on the marketplace it does not have to become a rigged chain of command. Instead, adopt the belief that you must hustle to achieve any goal that the company creates for itself. See someone in another department that can use the eyes of a coworker? Perform without hesitation. Are you capable of overlapping responsibilities from other sectors of the workplace? Roll up your sleeves and dig in! The major error that business owners find themselves performing is becoming too complacent in their position.

An area that causes the most success in the early stages of an idea is that a few people in the business wear multiple hats. This could mean the head of sales also writes code, the accountant also runs the social media platforms or the receptionists isn’t afraid to clean the carpets. Whatever the case may be, taking on extra initiative will boost your business by small, incremental jumps that add up over time. See this interview on The Australian for a more detailed explanation of this and other factors.

Sales is the Blood of Success

Although most business owners and employees wince at the thought of increasing sales, generating profit within an organization is what keeps the lights on. In essence, sales people are like the cells transporting essential nutrients and oxygen to the rest of the system so that it may perform at its full capacity. Keep in mind that every person under the umbrella of a business is capable of reaching out to potential clients to educate them on your products and services. Keeping an incentive for these people — monetary and otherwise — to increase their sales is paramount.

“Sales will cure all.” – Mark Cuban

Don’t Ignore the Youth

A popular approach to capturing the attention of the younger market is, unfortunately, to ignore them. “Millennials are self-entitled and flaky,” you hear many people say. But what if I told you that by 2020 the millennial market is speculated to capture more than 30% of sales within the United States? What if I also told you that millennials, while having their own set of issues, have some of the largest purchasing power in the marketplace? Rather you like it or not, young people will soon be coming into positions of power and wealth. Failure to capture the younger market will not only hurt your business now, but also in ten and twenty years from now when they begin to age. If you want to create success again, extend a hand and mold your marketing strategy to the young!

Types of personal loans and the benefits they offer

Types of personal loans and the benefits they offer

A personal loan is a loan given by a bank or credit union where the borrower pays back the loan in fixed monthly payments; often over two to five years. Keep in mind; most personal loans are unsecured; that is, they are not backed by collateral. Many take out a personal loan to pay for tuition for college, starting a business, paying off debt, home renovations and maintenance or a personal emergency.

Types of personal loans

To be clear, there are two types of personal loans; unsecured loans and secured loans. Unsecured loans are loans that do not need collateral. Forms of collateral would be your car, home or other personal property. Because there is additional risk with this kind of loan, interest rates are higher. Secured loans are loans that require collateral.

Examples of secured loans

Several examples of secured loans are home equity loans and home mortgages. Secured loans have lower interest rates. Other types of personal loans are fixed rate personal loans, variable rate loans, installment loans, lines of credit, credit cards and short term loans.

What benefits does a personal loan offer?

Keep in mind; there are several benefits of personal loans such as lower interest rates, can be used for a variety of reasons and can be used to consolidate debts. If you have good credit, most personal loans come with lower interest rates. What makes personal loans attractive to many is that they can be used for a variety of reasons such as buying a new car or redoing your home. If you have debts that have been mounting up, taking out a personal loan can be a lifesaver. Consolidating debts with a personal loan can save you money on interest and pay off debts faster with less worry.

Tips and suggestions when applying for a personal loan

There are some tips that may help before signing up for a personal loan such as first making sure that a personal loan offers you the best deal. Banks, credit unions and online lenders offer personal loans. Do some research and find a lender who can offer you the best deal, one that will meet your needs. Most importantly, be wise when it comes to credit card consolidation. You can check out https://financedistrict.co.nz/loans/personal-loans-no-bad-credit-check/ for some loans options for you.

Be careful not to add to new credit card debt

Personal loans can be a great way to reduce debt; however, it can backfire if you add to your credit card debt. In addition, always read the fine print. Ask for a full disclosure of all the loan terms. Also, be sure to look at your financial situation carefully and how much you can comfortably take on.

To conclude, a personal loan is a loan given by a bank or credit union where the borrower pays back the loan in fixed monthly payments; often over two to five years. Talk with a personal loan officer at your bank, credit union or online borrower soon and secure a loan that will best meet your financial needs.

6 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your House

6 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your House

Selling a house is not one of the easiest things to do. Whether you are selling your house for the first time or not, you may feel overwhelmed by the process. However, with the right information, you can make the process less stressful. Here are some of the things which you should know before you sell house fast..

  1. Change your mindset

Selling a home is not like selling just any other house in the market. It is normal for you to feel attached to the property because of the memories you created there. However, before you sell it, you must dissociate yourself from your home. That way, you can see the sale as any other business transaction and try to get the best price for it.

  1. Consider hiring a realtor

When you finally decide to sell your home, working with the help of a professional realtor is crucial. Realtors usually know the real estate market well, and they can help you get a competitive price for your property. Choosing a good realtor is also important because they can handle some of the paperwork involved.

  1. Prepare your home for sale

One of the things which will make the sale easier for you is getting all your documents ready. Selling a home involves the transfer of property to another person. Some of the documents you have in your possession will be needed in order to register the property in the name of the buyer. Some of the crucial documents include utility bills, deeds, rental agreements and information on any mortgage.

  1. Spruce it up!

Anyone intending to buy a home will go looking for one that is in proper condition. If you have anything that needs to be repaired around the house, do so before the sale. Hiring an inspector to have the entire house checked will also help you discover hidden areas that need repair or replacement. Painting your house is also another way of sprucing it up.

  1. Consider selling timelines

When you are ready to sell, it is important to work with realistic timelines. You may also want to get the advice of an attorney in respect to legal requirements in your state. It is also prudent to check with the buyer on their intended mode of payment depending on the urgency of the sale.

  1. Weigh your options before selling

When selling a house, you may not sell to the first person who shows interest in it. One of the ways of getting the best price is to open your house for show. Inviting potential buyers to see the house will help you get more options, and subsequently, a better price. You can get the help of your realtor to direct the showings and answer any queries from the potential buyers. This will ensure that you do not get under the pressure of selling on the spot.

It is important to be prepared before selling any house. With these useful tips, you should be able to sell without any issues.

The Importance of Having a Surety Bond as a Construction Owner

The Importance of Having a Surety Bond as a Construction Owner

The Construction sector is one of the riskiest businesses. A study has shown that about a half of the construction firms operating today will be out of business in about five years. Numerous factors could lead to the failing of a company. Some of them are labor difficulties, equipment issues, economic downturn, and also shortages of materials. These problems could lead to a construction company to leave their projects at a standstill. No single building owner whether private or public will be able to gamble on a contractor whose responsibility is not assured. They also cannot risk hiring someone who could end up being bankrupt halfway down the line. Therefore the public agencies that make use of the low-bid system have to be sure that their lowest bidder is someone they can depend on.

Types of Surety Bonds

A surety bond is a three-party contract. The three parties involved are; the contractor (Principal), the owner (Obligee), and the Surety. The Principal will make a promise to perform according to the obligations of the contract. The Surety bonds used in construction are known as Contract Surety Bonds. The Contract Surety Bonds are of three kinds. One is the Performance Bond which works to protect the owner from loss of finances when the contractor does not perform according to the details stated in the contract. When the owner finds the contractor in default and terminates the contract, then the Surety can be called on to meet its obligations under the bond. Another type is the Bid Bond. This one offers financial protection to the obligee. It works when the bidder is given a contract to bid documents and does not sign the contract. There is also the Payment Bond. This one will provide assurance that the contractor will make payment of the materials and also pay the other workers.

Financial Security

These surety bonds are by law mandated on the public projects. However, for the privately-owned projects, they are just at the owner’s discretion. There are alternative types of financial security. These include the one getting a personal insurance cover or the credit letters. However, these security alternatives do not cover all the risks of construction as the surety bonds can. Therefore, more private owners are now opting to take the surety bonds from their contractors.

Importance of Surety Bonds

The surety bond will assure the owner that the mechanism for risk transfer is in place. Therefore, the risks from the construction are shifted from the proprietor to the surety. In the case where the contractor defaults, the surety will be able to pay for a replacement contractor. They will also manage to finance the new contractor who has been hired. In addition to this, they will provide any technical help that may be needed. A surety bond offers the financial security and assurance in the construction and building projects. The bond will assure the owner of the project that the contractor will perform the work and that they will also pay their laborers. The surety bond is a way of transferring the risks. It allows one party to guarantee the other party that the third party will follow the contract.

Understanding Financial Services and Settlement Risk

Understanding Financial Services and Settlement Risk

Is this the first time you hear these terms? If so, worry no more, this article has curated everything you need to know.


Financial services – they are economic services that the finance industry provides. The financial sector includes a broad range of companies that manage money, including banks, insurance companies, credit unions, consumer finance companies, credit card companies, investment funds, stock brokerages, accountancy companies, and some government-sponsored businesses. You can find financial services enterprises in all economically developed areas and tend to increase in national, local, international, and regional financial centers like New York, London, and Tokyo.

Settlement risk – it is the probability or risk that one party will not fulfill their part of the bargain in a deal or transaction. Settlement risk is mostly associated with forex trading. However, it can also apply to contracts or agreements between two parties. In other words, settlement risk is the risk individuals take in any deal or transaction that the other part will not honor their part of the deal (maybe goods or services or monetary transaction).

Example: Jack hires a contractor to remodel his house for $1000. For the entrepreneur, the settlement risk is Jack might fail to pay the $1000 once he completes the task. Should Jack pay for the job before the work, then he takes the settlement risk: that the contractor will not remodel the house.

Why does settlement risk matter?

It is inherent in every deal or transaction between two parties. If one party does not honor its part of the bargain, it means that the other party will incur a loss. Any party can bear the settlement risk. Some financial service companies can help individuals calculate the settlement risk and advise accordingly on whether to go into the deal or not. It is wise for large enterprises that can afford such services to seek their help to avoid incurring losses if the other party to a contract fails to honor its part of the bargain.

Settlement risk in foreign exchange

As mentioned before, compensation risks quickly affect the foreign exchange market. Forex traders are more likely to be affected by compensation risks compared to risks like translation and transaction risks. However, there are tools financial services can use to manage such risks. One of these tools is spot trade, foreign exchange option deals, and outright forward sales.

How does settlement risk in foreign exchange arise?

The process is the same for most foreign currency transactions. The two parties in a deal agree to trade – amount of one currency in exchange for another currency. In this operation, payments for two currencies are made. However, the two payments are independent.

Traders make payments of one currency with the assumption that the other party will make payment with the agreed amount of the other currency and this is how settlement risk arises. The settlement risk in a foreign exchange transaction occurs when one party does not receive payment in the currency he or she had agreed.

In conclusion, seeking the help of financial services solutions can contribute to reducing the settlement risks.

Are There Legitimate HYIPs?

Are There Legitimate HYIPs?

Are There Legitimate HYIPs?

HYIP is an acronym that stands for High Yield Investment Program, which are business platforms that operate through a vaguely defined investment platform that provide upwards of 1 % returns per day (3779 % annual percentage yield). These business programs generally function by paying previously existing HYIP investors with the money earned from newly initiated affiliates. Given this fact, most HYIPs are considered to be ponzi schemes, almost without fail which begs a very important question: are there any legitimate HYIPs out there to get involved in or are they all frauds and scams?

In short, the answer is “sometimes”. This is not to say that actual, real investments can’t occasionally produce the same amount of investment return, they can (though this is very, very rare, it is merely that such outfits would not present themselves as anything as vague and nebulous as a HYIP but would instead present themselves as whatever they actually were (so, for instance, a real estate investment firm would tell you that they were a real estate investment firm whereas a HYIP would generally not and would instead use esoteric and obfuscatory terms).

With this knowledge in mind another question comes to mind: how can one determine whether or not a site is legitimate or a HYIP? The first thing that should be said is that, thankfully, most HYIP outfits announce themselves as such, so picking them out of the litter, as it were, should not be particularly hard. But you can also use legitimate monitoring sites like HYIP to check. Even if you are duped into investing into a non-legit HYIP it will not take particularly long for the new initiate to figure out they have been scammed since more ponzi scheme operating of the high investment model are so unstable that they typically last only around a little over sixth months, if that. Yet by the time that occurs the new investors will get burned and will lose ALL of their money so it is important to try and sniff such schemers out BEFORE investing at all by using the monitor mentioned above.

If you’ve crossed upon a business outfit that is claiming to be a HYIP and you think they just might be legitimate there are a couple of easy and useful ways to check. The first way is look at their business accreditation certificate. Any competent HYIP scammer will have a certificate but they typically have the same kind of generic, cheap and ultimately meaningless, UK purchased credentials which can be picked out due to the crest which features a lion and a unicorn clutch a emblazoned royal crest, if you see this “certificate” then watch out. Also be sure to check that the organization has a actual address, but do not just stop there, check to make sure that there actually is a organization at the given location – so for example, if there is a HYIP that says it is located in 5555 Tuscon, AZ, then it is wise to check Google Maps and call around the local area to ensure that the business is legitimate.

How To Choose The Right Bank For Your Business Needs

How To Choose The Right Bank For Your Business Needs

Choosing the right bank for your business is very important. To decide which is the right bank for your needs there are several things you should consider. Rather than let the decision making process overwhelm you, here are some of the most important things you should look at when selecting the best banking institution for your business.

  1. Size matters.

The size of the bank you choose can make a dramatic difference in the number, kind and quality of services you receive. While a large national bank may have more branches, resources and service options, sometimes a smaller, community bank may be more willing to give you the kind of personalized attention you need to grow your business. Some people find large, national banks to be cold and impersonal and smaller banks more responsive to their needs. Consider whether the vast resources large banks can offer is more important than the comfort level you may feel with a smaller bank.

  1. The Status Of Your Credit

If you have less than stellar credit, it may be difficult to open a business account with a large bank. Large banks often have stricter rules and a larger pool of customers from which to choose. Some smaller banks may be more flexible in their credit requirements. But they may not have the resources to give you what you need.

Find out about the credit requirements of the banks you are considering and see for which one you qualify. Let that help to inform your choice of bank for your business.

  1. Location

The proximity of the bank to your business or your customers is important. Consider how often you need to make deposits and withdrawals, get bank-issued certified checks and other services that require you to go into a bank branch. Weigh that against your need to have access to your bank as you travel regionally or nationally. That can help you decide on the bank that best meets your needs.

  1. Your Digital Needs

The technology choices a bank offers can be vital to your business needs. Being able to do transfers or make deposits using your cellphone or laptop, or having access to online banking or other digital options can be pivotal to the success of your business. Find out about the technological options and digital platforms a bank offers and match it to your needs before choosing a bank with which to open a business account.

You should also consider if a bank is an SBA lender and has the business-banking products and services you need. Look at the type of perks and support it offers and if you feel comfortable doing business with them. You don’t have to stay with the first bank you choose forever. Start with one you trust and make the necessary changes as your business grows.

Global Markets Refueled by the Demand for Gold

Global Markets Refueled by the Demand for Gold

When it comes to reliable investments, gold is the king of long term profitability. Not only is gold still valuable in the trade market, it’s the only commodity that continually appreciates in value. In terms of fluctuations, gold prices remain steady, even when annual demand drops. In the current investment market, there’s a renewed interest in Chinese and Indian jewelry. These global markets are expected to refuel the demand for gold in 2017. China and India together account for 60% of the market for gold jewelry. This is despite an increase in the amount of taxation on gold imports from India. India also eliminated large denominations. To combat this, investors turn to gold jewelry for asset protection. This is in addition to a drastic decline in Chinese consumer confidence in the latter half of 2016. However, in the opening quarter of 2017, there was an average increase of 20-25% in gold jewelry purchases.

What Makes Gold A Good Investment Option

When there’s a decrease in global demand for other commodities; investors will instead pour money into a stock they can trust. Thus far, gold is that stock. From a trading standpoint, it makes sense to invest in a stock with the potential to uptrend. Even when gold stock prices fall, the following quarter always sees a rebound effect. Regular commodities and open market stocks can’t say the same. During unexpected and predicted downturns in the economy, they take a battering in long term positioning on the S&P 500. So, even when experts predict a fall in the Dow, the price of common stocks fall in value. Negative stock market downswings never cause a decline in gold prices. Presently, gold prices are on the rise, with China and India leading the way. Together, these are the two largest areas for the annual demand for gold jewelry, with other global regions accounting for the remaining 40%.

Gold Retains Its Value

What makes gold a good investment option, is the fact that it retains its value for the long haul, continually outperforming other commodities in a bear market. As soon as there’s a price increase, gold can be quickly sold and liquidated into cash. Even when gold declines as a traded commodity, the value remains the same as a precious metal. So it can be said that the stock price of gold does not affect its value. Whenever there are inflationary changes in the stock market, the value of gold actually rises, because investors turn to gold for commodity protection. Although gold is priced in dollars, the value isn’t diminished by outside factors such as inflation or a decline in the US Dollar. So, as a portfolio addition, gold is a solid investment choice even if you use a third-party bullion storage, because it will always perform well as a globally demanded commodity.

What are High Yield Real Estate Investments?

What are High Yield Real Estate Investments?

People who are new to the real estate investment market must know some key factors about this type of investment. One of the most important aspects of investing is knowing how much a particular venture will yield. When it comes to the property market, people often ask what is high yield real estate investment. The following information will explain this concept in detail.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs is a primary method that people use to invest in property. Companies that manage REITs either owns or finances outside real estate property development. They typically focus their efforts on backing properties that they know are going to produce a profit.

Places such as shopping centers, grocery stores and even discount product retail centers are commonly funded by these organizations. Once these retail outlets are up and running they will usually give a return on their investment back to investors.

REITs are high yielding investment opportunities because the money producing organizations that they fund have already been proven successful. So, these newer establishments use the same models for success as well.

As a result, they will start to generate a profit for investors shortly after they are up and running. REITs are just a solid investment for any person wanting to invest within this type of property.

Residential Housing

Residential housing provides another great opportunity for investors. While this type of investment is high yielding it can also be risky. Residential home investors can risk their money in a wide variety of areas within this type of market. The residential market is very unstable because people’s living patterns and financial situations are always changing.

Single family dwellings, apartment buildings and condos are just some of the many different opportunities for investors to risk their money. The reason why this type of investment provides such a great return has to do with the demand for housing.

People are always going to need a place to live. Even if the market is bad. An investor should figure out where the most people are locating to when they invest and then try to push their investment funds into that direction.

While this is not always an easy thing to do and the competition for these investment areas is ferocious; investors can still earn high yields if they are positioned within the right market. Residential investing can be tricky and deceptive but a person can make receive great returns just by knowing how to navigate this market.

Real Estate ETFs

Electronically Traded Funds or ETFs are commonly used by companies to trade shares or funds within their company. Real estate ETFs are used for the same purpose. Companies will offer shares to the public in return for their investment dollars. They will then use this money to create profitable properties which they will use to pay back investors.

Real estate ETFs are reliable because most companies that trade real estate ETFs make it a point to create profitable commercial and business properties. This way they can definitely payback their investors.

Keep in mind that these are some of the real estate investment opportunities that provide the highest yield. There are many more and a good investor will take the time to figure out what type works best for them and their situation.

Accountancy Services

Accountancy Services

Radford Revenue Accounting Management covers a wide range of business and accountancy services in order to provide a complete support solution to its clients. Our commitments along with professional approach by our advisors ensure that we have the client’s requisite covered fully.

Company Formation

Formation of a company involves a great list of aspects to be covered so as to function with ethical and legal practices. We can assist with the incorporation of a new partnership or new limited companies with limited liability. Company formation includes proper submission with necessary documents along with bank account applications, a registered office address, proper annual return forms, registration of VAT, formulating cash flows along with business plans.

Taxation Advice

Our specialist will assist you in structuring your organization with best taxation advice so as to make the most of the available tax allowances so that your business could flourish at a faster pace while keeping a minimum of your tax liabilities.

Tax Returns

Tax Returns filing is one of the most important and crucial phases for any organization. But our specialists can handle it with ease. They are well versed in completing tax return forms and filing them to the tax authority. This tax return includes income and personal tax returns, as well as corporation and partnership tax returns.


No part of the financial legislation is complete without filing VAT and there is no doubt in this that this is the most complex part of them all. Our team of experts will help you in breaking things down and making you understand it in the best possible way so that filing of VAT could be done with mutual consent. As our experts are well versed with the VAT system and its legislations, they can assist you the best in planning ideas for VAT and claiming exemptions in order to improve cash flows.

Accounts Preparation

We can also assist in preparing your annual accounts to be it for a limited company, sole trader or is the business is of partnership in nature or even for limited liability partnership. We can also assist in the preparation of management accounts so that you are able to view how your business has performed during or after the financial year.

Payroll Preparation

Providing your employees with monthly remuneration on time can get tricky for companies at times. And for that, companies have to hire proper staff so that things could go smoothly. We can take up all the hustle and can prepare payroll on a weekly or monthly basis. When it comes to payroll preparation, our services include, proper generation of payslips, accurate calculation of remuneration for which the employee is entitled to that week or month and proper calculation of leaves for anyone who avails them.

Corporate and Personal Finance

Corporate and Personal Finance

Maintaining accounts and doing proper bookkeeping is not all for any company. One of the major things to look into is the corporate financial structure of that company. Any organization, either small or large, cannot be established effective until its corporate finance aspect is defined well. This does not only help in the formation of that company but also the future aspect of that company, like increasing its shareholders’ value or increasing the company’s value itself, depends on the corporate finance structure that has been defined now.

This is where Radford Revenue Accounting Management provide the best possible structure so that the organization could have a well-defined base to start its operations now and to have an increasing trend in its value in the future as well. We can assist you in planning, both short-term and long-term needs of your business, doing an extensive evaluation of your assets, tackling financial promotions, taking the best decision when it comes to capital market, sketching out well-defined business or financial plans and giving you the right growth strategy in relation to your industry trends.

We believe that the key to a successful operation and relation lies in extended support. Which is why our services do not end just here, experts in our team are also experienced enough to guide you in your personal financing matters as well. Be it budgeting, mortgage planning or having a well-thought retirement plan, we can cover all that and can provide you with the best advice with

Company Taxation

Company Taxation

Companies, irrespective of their size, formation type and turnover, are bounded legally to pay corporate tax from their earned profits. This is done to have a balanced environment and so that the company should also know their responsibilities towards government and communities from which they are earning their profits. Like many other important aspects covered by Radford Revenue Accounting Management, providing the best company taxation practices in accordance with the tax authorities is what we consider our core competency. Our team of expert tax advisors can provide the assurance of delivering the most authoritative advice and will also guide you properly on all matters that are related to company tax. Our team is not only well versed in tackling the company tax matters but is also updated with the latest happenings from tax authorities in this matter. This helps them to take the utmost decision in the best interest of the company so that they could make the most out of it.

Our advisory services for corporations has always kept a keen eye on every single stage of company’s life cycle so that no opportunity or no such aspect should be left that could either provide a benefit or do harm to the company. Whether it’s a start-up, disposal or acquisition of any venture or asset, moving towards growth or investments and / or raising funds, every aspect is looked upon carefully and decisions are taken accordingly to benefit the organization. In doing so, we also take extra caution to maintain legal standards.